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There are two main ways to work with me:


This 4 month intensive program is for women who want to understand their hormones and take control of their health.  If you’re experiencing vague symptoms like lying awake at night, fatigue that doesn’t let up, mood swings, PMS, bloating and weight gain or more dramatic signs like hot flashes and night sweats it’s likely that you have a hormone imbalance.  The first step in knowing how to balance your hormones is to find out what your levels are. This is where the DUTCH test comes in.

Here is how the Hormone Balance Intensive works:

Session 1 (30 minutes) where we discuss your symptoms and your menstrual history. From this visit, I will determine when the best time of the month for you to do the DUTCH test is. I will explain how to do the test and what to do if you are taking supplements, hormones and/or progesterone cream and what to do if your period is irregular. If you are post-menopausal, you can take the test anytime but this session is still necessary to review certain things.

Session 2 (60 minutes) is the Results and recommendations session  In this session, I  take this very complex test and break it down into easy-to-understand language for you. I will explain whether or not you are estrogen dominant if you are making the harmful or helpful type of estrogen, whether or not you are progesterone deficient, how your adrenals are doing and so much more. From there, I will tell you what you need to do and take to get better and get the results you want. This session is followed up by a written protocol from me that goes over everything we spoke about in your results and recommendation session.

Session 3 (30-45 minutes) Check In Session to Assess Progress

Session 4 (30-45 minutes) Check In Session to Assess Progress.
We also discuss when you will be taking the 2nd DUTCH test during this session.

Session 5  (60 minutes) Results and Recommendation session  where we evaluate your progress and go over the results of your 2nd DUTCH test. I will compare and contrast your test with the last test and provide any needed course correction. I will also update your protocol.


  1. Book in and pay for this intensive right here
  2. Soon after requesting your appointment, I will confirm your chosen date and send you electronic access to fill out the intake form and program agreement. Please fill out those forms ASAP.
  3. After our initial appointment, you will purchase a DUTCH test by calling the lab, Precision Analytical and ordering TWO of the DUTCH complete tests. Because of our initial consult, you will know exactly how and when to do the test and what you need to avoid. If you are local, I may have test kits in stock to give you. Important: Do NOT purchase your test prior to this visit
  4. You do the test after our first session and mail it back to the lab in the envelope provided. We will both receive your results from the lab.
  5. Once I have your results, I invite you to book your second session.
  6. Follow up sessions 3-5 are scheduled over the next few months as described above.

By the end of our second session, you will have:

  • An understanding of how your hormones work and the role they play in your symptoms
  • My list of diet, supplement and lifestyle changes based on your DUTCH lab test (your protocol can take 48-72 hours to receive from me)

What good is one test in isolation? Not much, that is why you get to do the DUTCH test twice with me during this hormone balance intensive:

Sessions 3 and 4 are check in sessions.

After session 4, you will do your second DUTCH test. And then session 5 will be where we compare and contrast your tests. I will update your protocol if needed.

Your DUTCH tests are NOT INCLUDED in the cost of this program. Lab fees are a separate expense and payable directly to Precision Analytical, the lab that makes the DUTCH test. 



This intensive package is designed to provide in-depth support for both the mental and physiological aspects of overcoming chronic health challenges. This program is are best for people:

  • Who have gone to the doctor and have done blood work to get checked only to be told “you’re fine”, yet they know that something is not quite right and moreover, they just feel unwell.
  • That understand that there is more to feeling better than following a specific diet or taking a bunch of supplements and know that there is a strong mind/body component to good health
  • Are willing to make their health and wellness a priority and are willing to block out time in their schedule for these sessions.
  • Who are coachable and willing to learn new ways of thinking about their health
  • Are willing to do functional lab work
  • Who are seeking support, collaboration, accountability, and guidance offered through twice monthly one-on-one coaching sessions

Your Customized Program includes:

  • An initial in-depth consultation (75-90 minutes) where we will review your health history, prior labs (from other practitioners, if you have them), focus in on your health concerns and what you want to accomplish and exactly which lab tests* you are going to do.
  • A customized nutrition and exercise program based on your lab tests*
  • A supplement protocol based on your lab test results and your symptoms
  • 11 additional sessions, scheduled every two weeks, for accountability and to keep you moving forward
  • Educational material and hand out sheets that is applicable to your needs
  • Access to discounted, professional quality nutritional supplements**
  • Email and text support throughout the duration of your 6-month program
  • Ongoing communication after each consult via a private platform to recap important points and to clearly explain all action steps discussed in the session.
  • All time dedicated to your case outside of consults over the duration of the package for continual review of your case file, lab explanations, email support, researching that pertains to your case, developing custom protocols, consulting with other professionals about your case if need be, preparing consult summaries, administrative work pertaining to your case, and more.

Investment in Your Health: $4500.00 full payment or $850.00 for the first month and then $850.00 for the second month. The remaining 4 months will be $725.00 each.

Ready to get started?

* Lab tests are extra and are payable directly to the lab. Some practitioners markup lab tests. I do not. You pay exactly what the lab charges.

** Supplements are extra. I will make several recommendations of where to buy.


60-MINUTE CONSULT: $170.00

Stand alone consults are intended for clients that are only seeking minimal guidance or who have finished a more in-depth program with me.  Maximum of 1 stand-alone session is permitted per person and doesn’t include a custom protocol or email support. If you are seeking more than this, then please review the plans and packages described below. These appointments are best suited for past clients or for anyone needing a second opinion on their DUTCH test or other tests. This appointment type is not suitable for anyone wanting to do the GI-MAP.