Happy Clients

Lynn K.

I’d been considering working with Maria for a while and finally made the decision to do the DUTCH hormone testing program and am so glad I did.

I truly believe that living your best life includes understanding your body and what changes occur as you age. The “dirty little secret” about menopause that nobody prepares you for is how your body can change during this time and how challenging it can be without support.

I feel like I was pretty healthy and fit for most of my life but things compound and mount up as you age.

Insomnia, weight gain, hot flashes and low energy just creep up on so many of us women.

My story is probably not that rare. I was on birth control for many years. My GYN told me that it was ok to continue on a very low dose to control my hot flashes. My doctor then switched me to a low dose estrogen supplement but I was still having symptoms and I knew that something was not quite right. I was feeling frustrated and knew something had to change.

When I first started a dialogue with Maria, she suggested that I test my hormone levels with the DUTCH test. The results of the test showed that my estrogen was DOUBLE what it should be( and YES I was adding to it by taking additional estrogen!) and my cortisol levels were off the charts!

Maria helped me to understand what this all meant and guided me on how to correct the symptoms and the situation. Maria made a holistic life plan based on my goals, health history, test results and tweaked it to fit me.

I know I still have work to do with my eating and exercise but finally feel like I am headed in the correct direction. I can honestly not thank her enough!

Taking control of your health is so worth it and for those with a desire to “get to the bottom ” of things, Maria is an investment in your health, not an expense.

I am not finished and will continue to work with Maria to keep me headed in the correct direction!

– Lynn K., Maryland

Regina U.

I had a DUTCH test done with another practitioner and left with more questions than answers. I sought Maria out so that I could understand the test and how to apply what it meant to my life.

I now understand what I need to do to move forward with my health goals and balance my hormones.

Maria is thorough, patient and very knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the session I had with Maria

– Regina U., Florida

Karen P.Hi Maria,
Just wanted to send you a quick update. Since we met, I have begun the supplements suggested. I am in love with the golden milk, which has improved my sleep tremendously, and really started paying strict attention to the vegetables that you have suggested getting most of my carbohydrates in the evening. Your recommendations were spot on! I can’t believe with a little bit of tweaking to my diet what a difference it has made. I am so glad that I found you!
Thank You So Much

– Karen P.

 Laura G.I loved working with Maria. She empowers women who are going through menopause with knowledge and support. Even though she is not the one writing prescriptions, she is knowledgable about the different strategies that women can use to bring balance at a time when things seem to run amok for so many women.

After working with Maria, I feel like I have both power and knowledge and since I understand things better now, I am more eager to take action that will better my health.

Maria is supportive, easy to work with and her response time is quick and attentive. If you want to know your hormone levels and be empowered, work with Maria and do a DUTCH test.

– Laura G Bedminster, NJ

Carol C.I am fully empowered and control the destiny of my own health now that I’ve done a DUTCH test and worked with Maria. I just love knowing where I am with my hormones and having a clear cut plan to improve instead of guessing. That alone has had huge effects on my state of mind. I am happier and calmer as a result of being in control of my health and being proactive.

I found working with Maria a breeze! She is knowledgeable and smart as a tack, but also personable. Knowing that she has gone through many of the issues that I have has allowed us to connect in ways that another practitioner might not have been able to do so. I highly recommend Maria for natural hormone balance coaching.

– Carol C
Elkmont, AL

Rebecca A.I am really happy that I did a DUTCH test with Maria because the cortisol issues were very surprising. I’ve just started working on my protocol so not a lot to report yet, but Maria is very thorough and knowledgeable, so I know I can reach out for guidance.

– Rebecca A., Boston

Claudia P.Maria is not just any health coach. She not only dedicates her time to learning, but also educates her clients. She stops at nothing to find the root cause of their symptoms, so they can improve their overall health. As a Hormone and Dutch Test Expert, Maria was able to pinpoint why I was having some low energy, high stress and PMS symptoms. She walked me through the process of taking the Dutch Test and then thoroughly reviewed the results with me. She answered all my questions and educated me, so I know exactly what’s going on in my body. She gave some great recommendations and I’m already feeling much better. I highly recommend working with Maria, as she is truly passionate about her work and helps clients get the results they want.

– Claudia P. Clark, NJ

Tricia S.I did the DUTCH test and needed a second opinion so I sought Maria out. It was so helpful to be able to talk with her because she’s so knowledgeable and passionate about the DUTCH test and helping women achieve maximum benefit from it. With doctors, it can feel rushed plus most of them are not DUTCH test experts. With Maria, you can truly get the coaching you need to understand the test and develop an action plan. I highly recommend her.

– Tricia S., Winston Salem, NC

Wemdy H.I met Maria thru an online forum she is graciously very active in. Having been sick for about a year and I was following this forum searching for help to regain my health. After a while I began to feel drawn to reach out to Maria for professional help. Also having struggled with hormone imbalance, I was eager to try the DUTCH test and I’m so glad I did. Maria has been a huge help to me while I’ve journeyed back to health. I’ve listened to many doctors and received guidance from a host of them, spent lots of money and always lost hope when I received information that wasn’t right for my situation. Maria helped me simplify and target my particular situation. Sometimes self diagnosis can be off base and we all need some help knowing what’s best for us. Maria is a great choice for just that. She’s also helping my husband who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Her patience and expertise is hard to find. Thank you so much Maria!

– Wendy. H. Bellville, TX

May M.I wanted to learn more about my hormones so I decided to work with Maria. She is supportive, easy to talk with and I trusted her to give me the best experience possible. I received a clear overview of my hormones and what I need to do to optimize my health. I would reccomend her to friends and family.

– May M., Singapore

Tara T.I worked with Maria in 2015 when I was suffering from major burnout. Maria helped to decipher my DUTCH test results and enabled me to see that my adrenals were in dire need of some love. Maria exuded a kindness and care that put me at complete ease and made me confident that I was in the right hands. She provided me with invaluable emotional support as well as nutritional guidance as I navigated this difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend Maria to anyone. She is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful support.

– Tara T., Toronto, Ontario


Kim SIts been an honor and a real eye opener working with you. I can’t thank you enough for the very clear and informative intelligence that I’ve gained as relates specifically to me. I have already begun to implement the tools and suggestions that you suggested in respect to the results of my DUTCH test. From our first consultation, I felt comfort knowing I was in good hands. I can say without exaggeration, your understanding and knowledge of female hormones and the lack thereof have far exceeded anything that my GYN has told me. I am grateful for your patience and empathy. I look forward to working together again in the future and will continue to be a loyal follower. I would advise every woman to take the DUTCH test and work with you. Thank you!

– Kim S. Seaford, NY

Rekha RamInitially I was uncertain if working with Maria on my gut health was going to make a difference, but boy was I wrong!

I was tired of constantly struggling with acid reflux and being dependent on medication so I decided to just take the plunge and contact Maria

Since working on my gut health with Maria, I have been able to stay off my reflux medications for 6 months. This is a major change for me. Of course, Maria made sure that we included my physician in this endeavor too.

I like the fact that Maria is able to see the value in forming a team around one’s health and she has no problem with pulling in the advice of several professionals when creating a plan.

I did the GI-Map gut health test which allowed her to reccomend food, lifestyle and targeted supplements for me, which have made a huge difference. My fatigue has decreased too…an added bonus!

– -Rekha Ram
Basking Ridge, NJ

Rebecca BI thoroughly enjoyed working with Maria in her “Balance Your Hormones, Love Your Life” group program! All the info was super easy to understand, and right on time. Maria has all the cutting edge information out there available to share with her students and she helps you to understand how to apply it to your life so you feel better. She is highly knowledgeable and invested in the health and success of her clients and students. I recommend her program to anyone struggling to get their hormones and life “back on track”! Now that I have a firm foundation in place, I will be working with her on a few of my other health concerns. Thanks SO much Maria!

– Rebekah B Raleigh, NC

Sherri Golobic Zepernick“Any woman that is having hormonal issues needs to work with Maria. She is very well versed in the issues that concern women and breaks down exactly what you need to know without you becoming overwhelmed.

Before working with Maria, I wasn’t sleeping well and I my cortisol and stress levels were all over the place. Maria uses the DUTCH urine hormone test (which is the Rolls Royce of hormone tests!) to determine hormone levels and your needs. When she goes over the results, she explains everything and gives you a nutritional, supplement and lifestyle protocol. As a result of my protocol and working with Maria, I am sleeping better, my anxiety has decreased and I am happier and healthier overall.”

– Sherri Z., California

Laura B. Hanover, PAI just wrapped up Maria’s amazing course “Balance Your Hormones, Love Your Life” and it was a complete game changer for me.

I was finally able to envision what was going on in my body. I never understood how important my hormones are and how they can affect many areas of my well-being.

I truly feel that taking this course was the next step in my healing journey. I loved everything about the course, there wasn’t a thing I would’ve recommended Maria do differently.

I now have the knowledge and tools to ensure that my hormones are balanced. I know that this is going to be highly valuable to me as I move through the different hormonal stages that all women go through.

I highly recommend you enroll in this course the next time it is offered. It is truly life changing.

– Laura B. Hanover, PA.

LoriIf you really want to learn about your body and your hormones and learn how to optimize your health, then signing up for the “Balance Your Hormones and Love Your LIfe” class will be the best decision you ever make for your health and life. As a result of taking this class my hot flashes are GONE, I’m sleeping better and my mood has improved. I love that I have lifetime access to the materials. Everything about this program, including the valuable protocols and the individualized attention from Maria was excellent.

-Lori K. from Zeeland, Michigan

ShannonI tried many different programs to help me get back on track and feel good about myself. The other programs that I tried didn’t make any difference. It was not until I worked with Maria in her “Health Strategy and Support” program that I saw incredible results!

The number one amazing result that I achieved was that I got my period back. I did not have my period for over a year and did not realize that my diet, exercise, and level of stress caused my period to disappear.

I also feel so much better about myself. My confidence has greatly increased and I feel much more in control of my body. It is amazing what a good diet and balance of exercise can do for a person. Lastly, I am genuinely happier. I know what I need to do to take care of myself and that is all thanks to my health coach, Maria!

Maria listened to me and asked the right questions in order to have a clear understanding of who I am and what I wanted to accomplish.

In my past experiences, I felt misunderstood and alone in my journey to be healthy again. Maria truly cared about me and wanted me to succeed. She helped me tune into my body and provided me with the tools and knowledge that I needed in order to succeed. She answered all my questions and continuously checked in on me during my journey. I never felt alone or lost when I worked with her.

Maria was a friend, a mentor, and a teacher. She opened my eyes in order to help me see clearly. I was not healthy but did not want to admit it. I now realize that it is okay to ask for help from the right people, such as Maria.

She truly did make a difference in my life and I know that I would not be as healthy as I am today without her guidance or support.

– Shannon M.

GlennaMy results after working with Maria have been nothing less than fantastic. My IBS symptoms, which I’ve had for the past 12 years, are gone. Maria is knowledgeable, helpful, professional and focused on each person as an individual. I trust her implicitly with my health and highly recommend her to anyone who just wants to feel better.

Whether you want to lose weight, get control of your health problems, or just feel better, Maria is the one to see.

– Glenna H., Kernersville, NC

SarahBefore I met Maria, I had daily headaches and problems sleeping. I was very lethargic during the afternoon which caused me to snack too much. I thought the snacking would help me stay alert, when all it did was make me more tired.

Now that I have succeeded in reaching my health goals, I have energy all day, my headaches are gone and I have learned the importance of eating clean. I have also dropped two pants sizes!

– Sarah S., Basking Ridge, NJ

Maria PWhen I contacted Maria, she was able to meet my needs immediately. I was eager to get started and had heard from others that she could help me.

As a carb addict, I knew I needed help, guidance and accountability. Maria gave me a great plan that worked for me. As coach, Maria is knowledgeable and encouraging and she keeps in touch with you.

This is truly the beginning of a new way of life for me. I feel great and need all the energy I can get as a professional organizer.

– Maria P., professional organizer

LizWorking with Maria in her Paleo Group Detox Program this past Spring has helped me to lose 5 pounds, have more energy and better sleep . Most importantly, I’ve changed how I think about food and how I eat.

The group support and her guidance was instrumental in helping me achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. And because I was already interested in health and paleo eating, working with Maria was a match made in Heaven.

Maria is very supportive, I plan on referring anyone who wants to learn about paleo or just healthier eating and I would not hesitate to work with her again.

– Liz C., Basking Ridge, NJ

SuzyMy decision to do the 21 Day Detox was completely spontaneous. I had heard positive feedback on Maria’s work and have often followed her but always made excuses as to why I couldn’t make the commitment.

Over the last several months my eating and drinking habits have deteriorated to the level where pizza and white wine were common occurrences. I had turned to food & alcohol to battle stressful situations and over the course of six months became addicted to sugar and carbs. I’m fairly well educated on healthy eating habits. I juice and blend fruits and vegetables daily and converted to organic when available about two years ago. Exercise wasn’t the issue for me – I completed a 1/2 marathon in May so there was no shortage of cardio during my diet downfall. Working with Maria has been an amazing journey.

For one, I am so proud of myself for seeing it through. Secondly, I am also surprised by the results. Maria sets goals for each individual. Mine were alcohol reduction, digestive improvement and reduction of sugar cravings. Though weight loss was not at the top of my list, I’ve lost 8 lbs over the last few weeks. My energy level is off the charts. I’ve noticed improvement in my clarity and concentration at work and my digestion is definitely benefiting from this cleanse. Clearer skin and better sleep are also bonuses.

For anyone looking to “reset” their system and get back on a healthy diet plan, this is a fantastic way to get started. With Maria’s guidance and inspiration, everyone has the chance to be successful and turn a new leaf.

– Suzy S., Basking Ridge, NJ

MelissaI loved working with Maria. She is available and helpful and was 100% committed to my success.

I feel better as a result of getting rid of foods that were not right for me and Maria helped me to know how and what I should be eating for better health and energy. And I lost the last 5 pounds that I’ve been wanting to!

– Melissa Z., West Caldwell, NJ

MelissaRMaria is not about diet restrictions, getting on a scale or fads. While working with her, I lost 9 pounds and my lifestyle choices regarding food and alcohol have completely shifted for the better.

If you are ready to learn and grow and be challenged, her methods work and working with her is a great experience overall. She is solution-oriented, non-judgmental and helpful with making people understand that this is far more important than just one’s weight.

I’ve referred many people to Maria because I believe what she has to offer really works.

– Melissa R., Bernardsville, NJ

MarieMaria is a science-based health coach who is a fountain of nutritional knowledge. After working with her, my food choices are much healthier and I feel better. I am much more conscious, in a good way, about my diet than ever before and I enjoy eating healthy, whole foods.

Maria is approachable, friendly and non-judgmental. She’s able to work with people within the parameters of their specific life situation, and does not expect perfection. She’s a realist!

Working with Maria is an investment in your health. She is for the person who doesn’t want to chase fads and is serious about getting healthier and feeling better.

– Marie B., Basking Ridge, NJ

GiGiI used to think that I was always going to have a slow metabolism, feel sluggish and be tired all the time and I did not think that I would be able to stick with anything.

But after working with Maria, I see that I have the power to change that and now I just feel better overall. I’ve been able to get past my weight loss plateau, and my hair and skin are healthier too.

Although Maria is busy, she took the time to respond to my questions and I always felt she had my best interests in mind. She is passionate about what she does and clearly wants to help people.

If you are the type of person who benefits from support and is tired of surfing the web for answers, I definitely recommend you work with Maria.

– Gi Gi B., Bedminster, NJ

Arlene MWorking with Maria was a great investment in my health and the health of my entire family. I’ve improved my eating habits and have way cut back on sugar intake. I am experimenting more with a larger variety of vegetables in my cooking. The whole family has benefitted from my work with Maria and we all have more energy. Sounds like common sense, right? So often we know what to do, but lack a clear plan. Maria gave me a clear plan plus support.

Maria makes getting healthy doable. Working with her is not overwhelming. Whether you already consider yourself healthy or you’re a health seeker, you will reach a new level of success when working with Maria

– Arlene M., Basking Ridge, NJ

[Susan]I never would have guessed it was possible to work on my health long distance and achieve the results I was looking for. Maria gained my trust and admiration through Social Media with her compassion and drive to help women who are suffering through misinformation and the myth regarding their hormone health. I felt completely supported and in capable hands as I embarked on the exercise, dietary and detox recommendations set forth by Maria. I found her “treat the cause not the symptoms” approach refreshing. Thank you Maria for helping me gain back my health.

– Susan B., Austin, TX

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