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10 Reasons To Do a DUTCH Test

When a woman comes to see me with concerns about her weight, energy, libido, past history with breast cancer or even better, she proactively wants to optimize overall health, I almost always reccomend we start with the DUTCH hormone test. Lab tests won’t “cure” you and in fact, sometimes even the best lab tests simply… Continue Reading

Why Choosing the Right Type of Maca is Important

Misinformation about maca abounds. In the past year, I’d been experimenting with it and adding it to my smoothie. The word that comes to mind is “inert”.  Now I know why…The following is the first guest post on my site by Dr. Shawn Tassone, OB-GYN and integrative Medicine Expert and Kim Ross, Functional Medicine Practitioner.  Both serve as… Continue Reading

You Don’t Have “Adrenal Fatigue”

There are too many people walking around thinking that they have adrenal fatigue. This diagnosis was handed to them after a saliva test and a visit to a holistic clinician. I admit, I used to use this method of testing. I’ve ordered saliva tests on my clients and have coached them in recovering from the… Continue Reading

Float Your Way to Better Health

Float Your Way to Better Health

I love new adventures and new places…and am a total guinea pig for self experimentation, especially with health related stuff! That’s why I was recently drawn to the concept of a float session. What do I mean by “float”? A float is a session where you are floating in a tank with 1000 lbs of… Continue Reading

Website Re-launch Grand Giveaway!

Website Re-launch Grand Giveaway!

I’ve just launched my shiny new website and will soon be having a groundbreaking course for women who want to balance their hormones and live amazing lives. With my course and new website, I will be able to reach more women with my message of hormone balance. So I am celebrating with some amazing giveaways…it’s stuff I’d… Continue Reading