2 Reasons Why a DUTCH Test is Better than a Saliva Test

The popularity of saliva testing abounds. You can buy it on Amazon, you can buy it from Direct Labs. Your doctor, nutritionist or acupuncturist may offer this test. Heck, I even used to offer this test. Saliva testing has long been employed by the alternative health community because it shows the bioavailable free fraction of… Continue Reading

5 Common Candida Treatment Mistakes

Candida is a form of yeast, also classified as a fungus, that lives in the large intestine and is also found on the skin and genitals. It is only a problem when it becomes overgrown or when an individual has a supressed immune system. The goal is not to totally get rid of it but… Continue Reading

Not In The Mood? Here’s Why…

It’s Valentines Day….which is all about love and romance. But does your libido need a search and rescue team? A healthy libido is a sign of a healthy woman.   Being libido-less is a modern issue caused by several things, but most notably by physiological and mental stressors. Something tells me that our ancestors enjoyed… Continue Reading

6 Easy Ways to Minimize Exposure to Bad Estrogen

I will say it straight up front here….estrogen is not bad. Given the widespread fear of estrogen that most women have these days, it bears repeating…estrogen is NOT bad. It is a wonderful female hormone that gives us breasts and hips and helps to keep skin dewy and youthful looking. It also maintains our heart… Continue Reading

6 Top Reasons To Attend the Paleo Fx Conference in May 2017

When you hear the word conference, it confers thoughts of yawning and looking at your watch for the next break and perhaps sitting at long rows of tables with ice cold water and mints in front of you. Not so with the Paleo FX conference. The Paleo Fx conference is a dynamic, networking-foodie-social-learning-sustainability three day… Continue Reading

10 Reasons To Do a DUTCH Test

When a woman comes to see me with concerns about her weight, energy, libido, past history with breast cancer or even better, she proactively wants to optimize overall health, I almost always reccomend we start with the DUTCH hormone test. Lab tests won’t “cure” you and in fact, sometimes even the best lab tests simply… Continue Reading

Why Choosing the Right Type of Maca is Important

Misinformation about maca abounds. In the past year, I’d been experimenting with it and adding it to my smoothie. The word that comes to mind is “inert”.  Now I know why…The following is the first guest post on my site by Dr. Shawn Tassone, OB-GYN and integrative Medicine Expert and Kim Ross, Functional Medicine Practitioner.  Both serve as… Continue Reading