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Understanding the 3 Levels of Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen is a wonderful hormone. Women primarily make it in their ovaries during their reproductive years and men make it in their testes, adrenals and via testosterone (through a process called aromatization). There are other estrogen production sites (called extra gonadal production) around the body as well, such as the parietal cells of the stomach.… Continue Reading

5 Surprising Ways That Oxytocin May Improve Your Health

Oxytocin is a neuropeptide hormone that is produced in the brain and is best known for its association with birth and breast feeding. It was discovered in 1906 and synthesized in the lab in 1953. The synthetic form of oxytocin is pitocin, which is widely used to stimulate uterine contractions for labor. Renewed interest and… Continue Reading

2 Reasons Why a DUTCH Test is Better than a Saliva Test

The popularity of saliva testing abounds. You can buy it on Amazon, you can buy it from Direct Labs. Your doctor, nutritionist or acupuncturist may offer this test. Heck, I even used to offer this test. Saliva testing has long been employed by the alternative health community because it shows the bioavailable free fraction of… Continue Reading

5 Common Candida Treatment Mistakes

Candida is a form of yeast, also classified as a fungus, that lives in the large intestine and is also found on the skin and genitals. It is only a problem when it becomes overgrown or when an individual has a supressed immune system. The goal is not to totally get rid of it but… Continue Reading

Not In The Mood? Here’s Why…

It’s Valentines Day….which is all about love and romance. But does your libido need a search and rescue team? A healthy libido is a sign of a healthy woman.   Being libido-less is a modern issue caused by several things, but most notably by physiological and mental stressors. Something tells me that our ancestors enjoyed… Continue Reading