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Praise from Professionals

Keri Glassman MS, RDN, Nutritious LifeMaria is extremely passionate about her area of expertise, hormones and women’s health, which is just one of the reasons she
is always on top of the latest research. This enables her to educate her clients (and audience) with high quality information presented with
excellent care and true meaningful support.

– Keri Glassman MS, RDN, Nutritious Life

Carrie Jones, ND, MPH“I always love working with Maria because she has such a great understanding of nutrition and hormones plus an extensive knowledge of the DUTCH test. She’s always looking to learn more so she can educate her clients about the best and healthiest ways to reach their goals by understanding the root cause. She definitely goes the extra mile and it shows! She’s fantastic!”

– Carrie Jones, ND, MPH
Medical Director at Precision Analytical

CarmenMaria Claps is my go-to girl for anything related to hormones. She is on top of the latest research and always sharing valuable information.
I trust her so much that I sent my own mother to her (and myself) to read our DUTCH results. She has the capability of making things very easy to understand even if you don’t have experience with hormones.

Since I don’t work with clients with hormone issues very often anymore I always refer to her and know that I can trust my clients will get what they need.

– Carmen Hunter, Certified Health Coach, Carmen Hunter Health

IsabelMaria has a professional and masterful command of her topic: Women’s Hormones. She offers snackable bites of insightful education, along with action steps to implement today.

I highly recommend being coached by her in the Female Hormones specialty.

– Dr. Isabel Hunsinger, MD

ShawnMaria has a unique perspective regarding wholistic women’s care. She brings the honesty and compassion of a certified hormone coach with the powerful understanding of human nutrition and how it heals the body.

Any class she offers is a must and I send my patients to her daily.

– Shawn Tassone, MD PhD The Menopause Doc


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